Aerial Imagery for Roofing Contractors and Insurance Adjusters

Here at Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, we strive to use technology in a way that continually leads us forward, allowing the contractors and adjusters who use our site to save time and money. That is why we have upgraded to a new website. With a new design and easy navigation, our goal is to provide the same resources you have come to depend and rely on while adding new improved features to make your job easier in the roofing industry or insurance adjusting business.

Sticking with the “Tried & True”

 We will continue to provide roof reports using the most commonly used formats by insurance adjusters, including ESX, XML, and PDF. We also will continue to provide our customers with hail reports that offer data on hail size, wind speed, intensity, and duration, for a specific address over the last 6 years. This data can be priceless when verifying damage dates and probability, as well as providing a trusted source to bridge the gap between insurance adjusters, contractors, and property owners.

Our Aerial Timeline Reports are another feature that will remain at the forefront of our services. With images that can be less than a month old, and also go back several years with exceptional clarity, the imagery is detailed enough to provide data pertaining to time frames surrounding property changes. This report can help determine a date of loss and give an idea of the general property condition over a period of time. We find that insurance carrier partners lean heavily on this product utilizing our pre- and post-storm imagery to verify damage extent and dates pertaining to a particular date of loss.

Pricing, Progress Tracking, & Roofing Calculator Tools

With Ridge Top, what you see is what you pay and pricing goes down based on volume. Score.  The website also has the ability to provide real-time updates on the order completion process. This way, you can track the progress of your project minute-to-minute.

As a user, you can also log in and retrieve information on previous orders, as well as run a quick export that details the amount of money you have spent; so when tax season rolls around, Ridge Top deductions are quick and painless. In addition, our site can be fully integrated with any claims management system for carriers and IA firms, and data easily communicated via API. Reach out to us at for details if you are interested in setting up this service for your company.

If you’ve used our old site recently, you may already be familiar with some of the reports we previously offered, including deck, fence, gutter, and eave measurements. In addition to this, we also have offered the valued feature of providing “square snap”, a roof square snapshot that will allow your team to quickly and affordably price and sell more roofing jobs.  These report features use the most current aerial imagery available to provide measurements for estimating on your deck, fence, and gutter replacement projects. 


We hope that our commitment to providing dependable service using the most cutting-edge technology will enable quick and accurate completion of each project. Ridge Top Aerial Technologies is proud to continually bring you the highest quality of service with each order.  Please feel free to contact us at or 800-734-5709, we would be happy to answer any questions and discuss how Ridge Top Aerial Technologies can help you!